Politicians: Don’t give us austerity, give us a future

The original Portland Press Herald article:


In Dennis Hoey’s article “Governor holds off on issuing of bonds”, Lepage claims that by refusing to issue $40 million for projects around the state, he will save the people of Maine from a growing state debt. Our governor and politicians are calling statewide and nationally for austerity measures, arguing that we can’t afford any more debt and that we must enact restrictions to combat our legacy of debt, yet they do not see the value of investment. During a global economic recession, the future economic, social, and environmental health of our state depends upon what we choose to improve upon today.
The bonds which Lepage is refusing to issue were authorized by voters back in 2009, allowing for port improvements and energy and infrastructure upgrades, which could provide much-needed fixes all around the state. Legislators are beating the austerity drum- leaving our cities and roads tattered, our healthcare drained, our educational institutions failing internationally, all while tuition increases and student debt has ballooned to one trillion dollars.
As a recent graduate of a Maine high school and college, I see a country consuming its infrastructure and services while continually spending more and more on foreign wars and the surveillance of our own people. Lepage claims that “Until our debts- and more importantly, our spending- are back under control, adding more of a burden would be fiscally irresponsible”. I do not see a poor state- most of my peers are college-educated and highly conscious of the bleak job-market in the state. Improvements made today to support a forward-thinking economy in our state will benefit all of Maine’s future.

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